Training Courses

Mechanisms of Thinking and Strategic Planning for Senior Leaders and Looking for the Future ( MLD1)

Integrated Management Curriculum For The Preparation Of Heads Of Departments ( MLD2)

mechanisms of thinking and strategic planning for senior leaders and looking for the future ( )

integrated management curriculum for the preparation of heads of departments ( )

creative ways in problem solving and decision making ( )

creative vision and how to formulate goals and develop strategic plans in the management of human resources ( )

strategies of change and organizational development ( )

Information systems and creativity in support and strategic decision-making ( )

advanced management excellence, strategic thinking and creative innovation ( )

ways to transform innovative ideas into operational plans ( )

enhancing administrative effectiveness, building organizational culture and stimulating creativity and innovation ( )

controlling pressure, time and prioritization ( )

executive skills, analytical mind, critical thinking and creative sense ( )

administrative excellence in setting priorities and making decisions under pressure ( )

leading the working groups, building the initiative and developing creativity in the teams ( )

advanced managerial orientation for developing work systems and simplifying procedures ( )

creative and analytical thinking for leadership in business management and setting priorities ( )

excellence in business management and stimulation of creative energies ( )

strategy formulation, setting goals and policy-making ( )

follow-up, saving time, reducing stress and reducing organizational stress ( )

executive leadership, assessment and analysis of challenges and strategic planning ( )

advanced strategic planning and implementation of strategic plans for institutional excellence ( )

efficiency in dealing with issues, problems, crises and how to build confidence in work ( )

modern international methods and trends in management ( )

developing the skills of innovation and creativity for managers ( )

self-management and the art of leadership of others ( )

arts and methods to avoid the pressures of work ( )

developing supervisory skills for non-administrators ( )

development of work systems in administrative affairs ( )

achieve leadership and administrative excellence in government departments and agencies ( )

 Modern methods in planning and follow - up of the work ( )

 Development of the skills of service managers and government relations ( )

 Modern methods in developing supervision skills and following up execution of contracts ( )

 Modern strategy for preparing office managers ( )

 Efficiency in dealing with issues, problems and crisis management in institutions ( )

 Advanced management and administrative excellence ( )

 Maximize productivity, reduce time and effort ( )

 Guide to achieving and developing innovative thinking and job creation ( )

skills of excellence, creativity, innovation in work and continuous development skills ( )

Strategic planning skills and measurement KPI performance indicators ( )

 Development of future manager skills ( )

 Strategic practices in the integrated management and management system ( )

 Developing business methods and their applications for leaders according to the European Excellence Model for Quality Management ( )

 Strategies for controlling of stress and enhancing the positive energy of performance excellence. ( )

Follow-up, save time, reduce stress and reduce organizational stress ( )