Training Categories

Methods Of Excellence In The Face Of Market Competition

Marketing Strategies Under Competition And Building Marketing Teams

Integrated Skills In Serving Senior Clients In Government Institutions And The Private Sector

Selling And Marketing Skills For Government Institutions, The Private Sector And Companies

Managing Senior Customer Accounts & Creating And Sustaining Profitable Customer Relationships

Analyzing Customer Complaints

Customer Profiling Techniques

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer Service Management & Achieve Customer Satisfaction And Profit

CRM In The Insurance Sector

Methods Of Measuring And Evaluating Customer Satisfaction

Creativity Mechanisms And Methodologies For Excellence In Customer Relationship Management And Servi

Strategy To Achieve Customer Satisfaction From The Perspective Of Total Quality

Outstanding Service Performance And Customer Care

Effective Administrative Communication To Serve The Auditors

The Innovative Performance In The Strategy Of Dealing And Customer Service

Challenges And Pressures Facing Quality Assurance In Customer Service

Handling Customer Complaints And Objections

Excellence In Quality Of Service And Skills Of Dealing With Customers And Auditors

Excellence In Customer Service

Excellence And Innovation In Customer Service, Public Relations And Communications

Excellence In Customer Service And Auditors

Efficiency And Creativity In Dealing With Complaints And Customer Care

Efficiency And Excellence In The Management Of Call Center Technology

International Standards In Quality Of Customer Service

The System Is Integrated To Serve Customers And Auditors And Excellence In Quality Of Service In Acc

The System Is Integrated To Serve Customers And Excellence In Quality Of Service And Skills Of Deali

Modern Skills To Deal With Customers In The Banking Sector And Development Funds

Effective Skills To Use The Phone

Integrated Skills In Serving Senior Clients In Government Institutions And The Private Sector

Program To Measure Customer Satisfaction And Deal With Complaints And Objections

Phone Handling Protocol For All Employees

Achieve Outstanding Performance In Service And Customer Care And Diplomacy In Performance

Quality Applications In Customer Service Centers

Techniques For Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Develop Leadership And Supervisory Skills And Create A Customer Service Team

Customer Service Under The Challenges Of The Market

Customer Service And Effective Communication

Policies For Attracting And Retrieving Customers

The Art Of Dealing With Consumer Complaints

The Art Of Presentation, Casting And Overcoming Fear In An Audience Interview

Arts Excellence In Customer Service And Auditors

Arts And Skills Dealing With Public Complaints

How To Deal With Customers And Reviewers

The Concept Of Taking Care Of The Senior Customer Service

Call Centers Management Skills

Communication Skills And The Art Of Dealing With The Public

Skills Of Dealing With Diverse And Difficult Personalities

Advanced Key Account Management And Business Development

Certified Marketing Professional

Certified Sales Manager

Certified Sales Professional

Communication Skills For Telephone Operators

Creative Retail Selling And Visual Merchandising

Customer Relations And Business Development Skills

Customer Relationship Management CRM

Customer Relationship Management: CRM Strategic Roadmap

Digital Marketing Strategy

Distribution Channels: Optimizing Market Penetration

Effective Brand Management

Healthcare Marketing

Internet Marketing And Social Media

Key Account Management: Establishing Profitable Customer Relationships

Key Project Market Intelligence

Marketing For Better Results

Marketing In Social Media

Product Launch And Management

Sales And Marketing Financials Workshop

Service Desk Analyst (SDA)

Service Desk Senior Analyst (SDSA)

The Strategic Marketing Plan

Manage Pricing And Profit For Marketing Managers

 Manage Modern Marketing Using CRM

 Marketing Department Of Consumer Goods

Customer Relationship Management

 Management Of Marketing And Promotion Operations

 Manage Successful Sales Team

 Basics And Techniques Of Selling For Beginners

 Methods Of Preparing Marketing Plans

 Methods Of Preparing The Marketing Plan

 Methods Of Evaluating Sales And Marketing Performance

 Methods Of Measuring Marketing Opportunities In Foreign Markets

 Strategies For Preparing Modern Marketing Plans

 Competitive Selling Strategies

 The Secrets Of Promoting And Evaluating The Performance Of Marketing Activity In The Information Ag

 Sales Management Bases For Sales Managers

 Foundations Of Modern Marketing, Measuring And Evaluating The Efficiency Of Marketing Activity

Creativity Mechanisms And Methodologies Of Excellence In Customer Relationship Management And Servic

 Professional Handling And Maintaining Large Accounts

 Manage Marketing And Promotion Of New Product

 Management Of Marketing Operations Under Competition

 Effective Marketing Management Strategies And Electronic Market Research Systems

 Search Strategies For Close Customers

 Sales And Marketing Strategies And Changing Customer Trends

 Marketing Strategies In The Midst Of Recession And Economic Crises

 Strategies, Preparation Of Marketing Plans And Activation Of Sales

 The Foundations Of Marketing Service Excellence

 Prepare A Professional Salesman

 Advanced Trends For Analysis And Evaluation Of Presentations For Sales, Marketing And Procurement M

 Creative Performance In Handling Strategies And Quality Of Customer Service

 Effective Methods Of Cost Optimization And Maximizing Profitability

 Marketing Strategies For Market Analysis And Competitors

 Modern Strategies For International Marketing Under GATT

 Modern Trends In Marketing Management

 Modern Trends In Marketing

 Recent Trends In Identifying And Treating Marketing Problems

 Modern Trends Of Creativity And Strategic Planning In Marketing And Sales

 Recent Trends To Develop Marketing Plans And Applications To Increase Sales

 Strategic Management Of Marketing Programs

 Effective Management And Organizational Aspects Of Selling Forces

 Optimize The Use Of The Media In Activating Marketing And Sales Plans

 The New Strategy In Marketing For Employees Of Tourist Bodies And Ministries

 Advertising And Promotion

 Strategic Planning For Post-Marketing Management

 Strategic Planning Of Commercial And Corporate Sales

 Effective Promotion Of Banking Products

  Professional Marketing

 Lateral Marketing And Sales Team Management

 Marketing For Corporate Sales And Sales Team Management

 Marketing And Sales (Skill, Creativity, Excellence)

 Handling Customer Complaints And Objections

 Marketing Excellence To Meet Contemporary Challenges

Excellence In Customer Service (Advanced Level)

 The Guide Is Integrated Into Modern Marketing Strategies

 Leading Vision For Sales Managers, Creative Skills, Planning, Implementation And Retention Of Custo

 Modern Methods In The Management Of Corporate Sales

 Advanced Methods And Methods For Sale (Advanced Training Courses)

 Tripartite Strength In Customer Service, Sales Art And Strategic Marketing Secrets

 Integrated Marketing And Sales Management System

 Effective Skills And Experience In Export And External Marketing

 The Strategic Marketing Planning Program Is A Powerful Tool For Predicting And Tracking Market Forc

Motivate And Train Your Sales Team

 Market Analysis For Sales Activation (Advanced Training Courses)

 Marketing And Sales Planning Services And Preparing Strategic Marketing Plans

 Plan Effective Marketing Campaigns

 Marketing And Sale Of Service Products

 Marketing & Sales Services

 Techniques For Measuring Customer Satisfaction

 Developing The Skills Of Forecasting, Analysis And Dealing With Selling Needs

 Developing The Skills Of Sales Representatives

 Develop Negotiation Skills And Full Capabilities To Gain Customer Confidence

 Developing The Skills Of Front And Front Office Staff

 Policies Of Attracting And Retrieving Customers

 Manufacturing Of Marketing Opportunities

 The Art Of Selling And Convincing Customer Skills

 The Art Of Negotiation And Persuasion Skills And Influence The Sale

 Measuring The Impact And Return Of Marketing Plans

 Measure And Maximize Marketing Revenue

 Principles Of Quality Of Sales And Marketing Services

 Principles Of Quality Of Service

 Principles Of Marketing And Sales Service And Development Of Sales Processes

 Principles Of Marketing And Sales Service And Development Of Sales Processes And The Preparation Of

 Strategic Entrance: Selling To Key Customers

 The Concept Of Caring For Senior Customer Service

 Skills Of Successful Marketing Deals

 Phone Usage Skills For Effective Marketing

 Effective Personal Selling Skills

 Marketing Skills And How To Deal With Customers

 Skills Of Dealing With Difficult Patterns Of Customers

 Negotiating Skills During Sales Meetings

 Negotiation Skills For Marketing And Sales Representatives

 Negotiating Skills And Selling Interviews

 Negotiation Skills And Successful Marketing Deals

 Skills Of Leadership And Excellence In Sales And Marketing Services

 Presentation And Presentation Skills For Sales And Marketing Teams

 Customer Care Skills

 Skills Of Building Excellent Relationships With Customers

 Professional Salesman Skills

 Selling Negotiation Skills And Strategies